The Devin Story - part 4:

1991 Palm Springs Road Races - The Cobra Ferrari Wars:

This was a very memorable event in that Watkins Racing produced a video of the event for television. I drove well in the Saturday event. On Sunday, we were scheduled to do our broadcast. and I was co-announcer. I offered Bob Bondurant to drive my car in the Sunday event. He accepted. Before the race, I told him the car had a lot of horsepower and all he had to do was get a good start and the rest would be history.

We broadcasted   the event from on top of a trailer adjacent to the track. Bill Devin was sitting next to me when the race started. Bondurant was in the second row on the outside. Just before the green flag was dropped, Bondurant pulled out from the behind the car in front of him and gassed it. As he reached the starting line, he was already accelerating away from all other cars. He went on the win the race by a bunch and Bill Devin was very proud.

1992 Palm Springs Road Races:

This weekend was a tribute to Roger Penske. This event concluded in two walk-away class wins by the Devin on both the Saturday and Sunday events.

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