The Devin Story - part 2:

1991 San Diego Historics:

This event was held in the parking lot of what is now Qualcomm Stadium. The course was short and bordered by cones. The track layout was something like an autocross course with twenty cars racing in somewhat the same direction at the same or similar time. I finished second for the Saturday event with three Lotus 23s in the group. The Lotus 23 are much quicker cars than a Devin SS.

1991 Willow Springs Mother's Day Event:

For some unexplained reason, VARA held a race event on Mother's Day in the desert. Willow Springs was the kind of track you needed to bring your own trees if you wanted shade. In a very strong class of much newer race-ware, I drove the Devin to about a sixth place finish and was glad for the weekend to be over.

1992 Phoenix Vintage Challenge:

My Devin competed in this event and was driven to a very easy class win by Bob Bondurant. It did cause some conflict in that I was married in Sedona, Arizona that Valentine's Day weekend and the new wife and I had a slight disagreement about an ideal honeymoon obviously should include a day at the races.

1992 San Diego Historics:

Significant rain ruined a otherwise great weekend. The Devin was a superior car to most of the competition, however, rain resulted in a middle of the pack finish.

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