1958 Devin SS Kit: SR 1-2: - Part 3

The construction was completed in 2001 and was painted Daytona Blue with white stripes. The witnessing of two major economic recessions and the failing health and final passing of Bill Devin lessened my enthusiasm to participate with the project. Devin SR 1-2 was started as a project to participate in the Mille Miglia. Bill Devin lived into his mid 80s and died in the fall of 2000. I completed the Devin SR 1-2 construction in 2001.It has been completed under my criteria with modifications that I feel suit my design and style. It has only been driven around the block and requires sorting for any type of driving. It is unfortunate that the Devin could not have been developed as an alternative to the Cobra. The essence of a Chevrolet motor with an American Chassis was a brilliant combination. My first Devin, SR 4-8, was easily a match for a 427 Cobra.

In late 1989 and early 1990, Bill Devin became very intrigued with the idea of building some form of Cobra alternative for the Chevrolet motor enthusiasts. He was aware of all the Cobra kit cars being sold by various manufacturers around the world. He had spent a large portion of the funds from the proceeds of my two purchases to fund stocking up on inventory and other projects.

In mid-1989, Bill's auto inventory consisted of the following:
            1. Devin Coupe that was never completed.
            2. A 1957 SS Kit with damage to the left rear frame and missing wheels.
            3. A 1958 Devin SS Kit. ( the project I later purchased ).
            4. A 1962 Devin C that was used for promotional purposes.
            5. Three Devin C rolling Chassis.
            6. Fiberglass molds for various projects.
            7. Miscellaneous parts for various cars.

In early 1990, Bill built more parts and inventory. He had a fabrication shop he used in Colton, California to build two more "1959" Devin SS chassis and related hardware in early 1990. These cars were to be the continuation series for the modern Devin SSs kit cars that he wanted to build. He also wanted a financial and managing partner.

In August of 1990, at the Monterey Historics, Bill was concerned about his finances and asked me if I would like to be a partner and fund the new Devin SS Kit cars or would I be interested in buying out his inventory, and receiving all rights to the Devin name.

In September of 1990, my attorney prepared an Asset Purchase Agreement that outlined the procedure to acquire all Devin inventory and name rights. However, the recession of the early 1990s probably had much to do with the agreement not being consumated. The outlook for prospective buyers to purchase expensive toys seemed like a big gamble at the time and I was heavily involved with Ing. Giotto Bizzarrini and the BZ 2001 project. .

Bill later told me that he sold the continuation cars to a couple of Southern California Corvette racers and they were going to race them in vintage events.

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