1958 Devin SS Kit: SR 1-2: - Part 2

The motor is a small block Chevy, cast iron block with approximately 360 C.I., with hydraulic lifters and about 425 HP. That's all the power you need for a car this light.

I had contemplated using a Halibrand rear end, but used Bill Devin's aluminum casting with the standard Devin de-Dion rear end. I will not race on wire wheels so we later substituted the wire wheels and modified the hubs to accommodate Halibrand 15" wheels. The suicide fender side-bag style Devin fuel tanks were replaced with an aluminum fuel cell with racing bladder. The stock Monza fuel cap was polished and retained. The rear brakes are stock Girling 11" rotors mounted inboard to the Devin center section. The calipers received a cooling charge of air from the ducts added to the rear fenders just behind the driver's shoulder. Koni shocks in the rear completed the suspension.

Most of the cars that race against a Devin are cars constructed after 1960, such as Cobras, Mustangs, Lotuses, etc. These cars have much newer technology including the brakes and suspensions. In order to compete with these cars, most race organizations allow running similar brakes. Therefore, the factory issue 12" Girling style solid front brake rotors were replaced with a later style vented rotors. The rears rotors and brakes are 11" original discs with Girling single piston calipers. They work fine, provided air is provided to cool them.

The interior is simple. The Devin tach and speedo gauges are attractive and complimented with Stewart Warner 2" gauges. Bill designed the seats and seat-shell to be removed from interior. The Spartan upholstery is done in black. A small plexi-glass windshield is bolted to a small sheet metal rim. The mirror is mounted to a podium for better visibility.

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