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1. Touch the Whale image anywhere and you'll get a picture of an ADULT animal.
2. When you move your mouse away, the BABY ANIMAL appears!
3. Click on the animals' names below, and you'll get a THIRD image of the animal.
4. Click on reset above and the Whale will return again with a new background.
5. Option: Click here for whale sounds. (.au file)
6. Please enjoy "The Song of the Last Living Whale" poem below, or Click Here.
Have fun!
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The Song of the Last Living Whale

by Drew Deering's Dad

Today is the end of our song,
Who can sing it with me now?
Forever our song has been with us,
End it I must, tell me how.

Long is our song we sing it again,
We remembered, we kept it alive.
And I, the last to sing it,
Am sad, for it will not survive.

Where comes the strength, can I sing it?
To whom does it matter this day?
What's left when there's no one to share it
I can't sing when I cry anyway.