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Transplanted from the healthy but thin air of the Rocky Mountains, (Univ. of Colorado), I now grow, serenely, in the soft ocean breezes of Surf City USA, (Huntington Beach, Califor-nigh-ay)

Former professional jazz-rock drummer and Latin-Jazz & Afro-Cuban percussionist, I'm just another consummate music lover.
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I'm a environmental , and animal welfare activist. I also collect books, and on occasion am a gourmet vegan cook. A veteran Cyber-space explorer, indeed.

Amicably divorced after a ten-year marriage, my former wife and I remain devoted, caring friends;
and her delightful Mom, too.
We had no children.

However, since my biological clock chimed several years ago, I feel like a childless father. I do have the fun of escorting Sydney & Madison to the beach, and Tatiana and her mother to the theatre occasionally.

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My ancestory is Basque - the direct decendants of Cro-Magnon Woman (gently open her eye above and click).

LoBato translates to "wolf pup", hence: the "Matt Wolf" moniker.
Here's Music from the Basque region of Spain. While there, listen to "Guadalupe."

An aspiring writer (hey, it's LA, dude!), and experienced Latin-Jazz percussionist, I live with a querulous parrot and his sidekick: Pedro and Paradise; plus other lovebirds - Peaches and Apollo, in a sunny Surf-City condo a short jog from the shoreline in "So Cal."

I'm a member of several activist groups and am interested in pro-bono and volunteer work for educational sites, journals and magazines. Email me, please.

My philosophy for living is rooted in Albert Schweitzer's "Reverence for Life": Love, Compassion, Empathy and Altruism. Happy to hear from any kindred creatures.

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