Sabre V-8 Motor Project

Part 4:

Brayton V-8

Sabre-Brayton V-8: Normally Aspirated on Dyno at Duttweiler Performance, Sept. 7, 2001

Summary of Potential Running Normally Aspirated:

The results below were run with a motor primarily in a turbo configuration with a long list of changes necessary to optimize efficiency and maximum horsepower in a normally aspirated condition. In spite of the running conditions, the motor developed over almost 360 HP and ran up to 9,500 RPMs. In order to start maximizing the potential of the Sabre-Brayton V-8 to run normally aspirated, the following changes are necessary for the tests to commence.
 1.  Substantially increase the size of the intake plenum.
 2.  Change the cams lift, duration and lobe center angle.
 3.  Install smaller fuel injection nozzles.
 4.  Adjust the ignition timing for this application.
 5.  Build taller intake runners.
 6.  Install a double set of ignition coils to fire both spark plugs.
 7.  Modify the head combustion chamber to tailor to normally aspirated configuration.
 8.  Increase compression ratio from 8:1 to about 13:1.
 9.  Once these changes have been optimized, commence development with restrictors.
10.  Change the headers to smaller diameter.

In the opinion of Ken Duttweiler, The unrestricted ultimate horsepower should be approximately 460 HP ( approximately 2.2 HP / C.I. or 1.35 HP / Litre ).

Preliminary Dyno Runs: Normally Aspirated

Potential Programs to Offer Panoz Motorstorts

A. Sabre-Brayton V-8 Motor Program For:
     a. Turbo 3.4 Litre version for ALMS LMP 900
b. Turbo version for GTS type race car
c. Normally aspirated 3.4 Litre for LMP675

B. Four Cylinder 2-Litre Turbocharged Motor for LMP675
     a. Proof of concept motor to generate horsepower range and an economy engine.
b. Full new design overhead cam two-valve motor to be the best LMP675 motor.
c. Possibility of "Offy" naming rights

C. SportStar / Sabre RS 341 T prototype adapted for:
     a. Modified for LMP675.
b. Completed for GTS racing.
c. Possibility of "Offy" name rights

D. Sabre-Weisman Transaxle Development

Completion of the most significant racing transaxle in racing today.

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