The Real Collector Car: The BZ 2001 Proprietary Project- Bizzarrini

Bizzarrini may be accused of having a difficult personality to work with, but I, and I think history, will remember him as a man of extreme intelligence, a great understanding of vehicle aerodynamics and one of the most significant automotive engineers of Italy.

I will remember Ing. Bizzarrini and the BZ 2001 project as a mystery. I think a small team of California car guys had a dream and made a team to make it happen. This is very similar to what I do in my profession as a real estate developer. Of the thousands of people that saw the BZ 2001, I don't ever remember hearing one person ever say that it wasn't beautiful. Far more often than not, most said in one way or the other that the BZ 2001 was one of the most beautiful cars that they had ever seen.

Mark Vaughn, Senior Editor of AutoWeek, was one of the only media people to drive the BZ 2001. At the time of his brief road venture with the BZ 2001, the car was not finished, nor anywhere near so for anyone to drive. Mark was writing a feature and insisted on driving it. We told him that the hood latches were not installed and many details needed to be completed. Anyway, he drove me around my neighborhood and soon he had to hit the brakes hard to avoid another car. The front hood, with no locking mechanism installed, flew open like a clam-shell and dug into the pavement. It scraped the paint off not to mention a major embarrassment. Of course, his introduction of the article had to mention the debacle.

We went back to my house and parked the car outside of the garage. Mark, Luis and I talked for at least an hour while we were all staring at the rear of the BZ 2001. Mark does get credit, however, for stating the most memorable statement about the car, which is something like this: "I have been to the design studios of Chrysler, General Motors and Ford where many people and millions of dollars are spent on prototypes. None of those companies have ever built a car that makes you feel like this car when you stand in front of it- you built it at your house and only five guys have ever touched it."

Since the completion of the original BZ 2001 prototype, much time and energy has been spent completing the car that I believe will be the real collector car, the next BZ 2001

Chassis, V-8 Motor, Engineering and Styling

Bizzarrini designed car with the real chassis and complete engineering by Bizzarrini. I still have that chassis and are well along completing the last significant modern Bizzarrini project. It will feature the Bizzarrini designed chassis, the BZ 2001 body and our own four valve-four cam aluminum 7 litre - V-8 motor. This car will be shown in a few magazines and will be driven by yours truly on a daily basis.
     Bizzarrini Designed BZ 2001 V-8 Chassis

Ing. Giotto Bizzarrini "Driving" His BZ 2001 Chassis

Since the BZ 2001 project, I met Roman Slobodynskyj. Roman is a very brilliant automotive engineer. We are creating the next step in super cars and endurance race cars. One is the evolution of the BZ 2001 with an aluminum composite chassis and our own motor ( that was designed by Roman for Brayton Engineering to win the INDY 500 ) and six-speed sequential transaxle that uses no dog rings to shift. This is a very innovative project and is several light years beyond the BZ 2001. This car will be named the "BZ Mystry". It takes the original BZ 2001 years into the future, i.e., Bizzarrini and beyond.

      The BZ Mystry Project

Sabre Eng. 960 HP Twin Turbo Rocket Launch Assault Motor

On the trip to see Bizzarrini in Italy, my wife, Linda, and I conceived our son, Tyler. Tyler was born about the time the project went into the construction. The son of Ing. Bizzarrini, Guiseppe and his wife, had a baby. Luis Romo and his wife had a daughter during the construction. Linda and I had another son, Travis, on the eve of the world premier on the BZ 2001. Isn't God wonderful in the ways he inspires us and helps us all in our lives?

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